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              TRIO-CHEM was established in early 1990 with the aim of positioning
              the company as an innovative leader in the industry of Distillery Sector. 
              Our aim is to develop innovative technologies in distillery sector.


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Report on XVIII International Symposium on Alcohol Fuel
held in 2010
New Delhi

We plan to establish a leadership position in the distillery industry and become a global producer of renewable energy. It is the ultimate goal of TRIO-CHEM. We shall achieve this goal with the development of manufacturing technologies and the implementation of better and more efficient operating practices.

As part of our business strategy, we develop TRIO-CHEMís Intellectual Property to provide technology to third parties under management agreements.

Trio-Chem's expert team of scientists and engineers work constantly for the development of products and quality of service being provided to their customers. Looking at the International market, Trio-Chem has poised to take a major leap in the distillary plant supply sector.

TRIO-CHEM acquires
TRIO-CHEM Team has signed an agreement for manufacturing facility at  Bruvinox Industrial e comercio de Equpamentos of Caldeiraria Ltda. Brazil... for more details..... Click here


TRIO-CHEM's new plant at Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. Shrirampur, Maharashtra State, India.... to know more Click Here.
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